National Contemporary Dance Company of the Ministry of Culture
from Dominican Republic


Defilló (2017- 60 minutes)


Show inspired by the work of the Dominican painter Fernando Peña Defilló

“Defilló” navigates through the multiple worlds of this great painter, from the deep interiority of the characters to the dimension of the mystical and ontological space; from the orange on the morning table to the evolution of the world seen as interconnection”.
Marianela Boán

"Fernando Peña Defilló (1926 -2016) emerged during the fifties, a decade in which Trujillo's dictatorship entered its most bloody period and in which the abstract modalities reach Dominican art (...)

The Dominican and European formation gives his work a stamp of thematic and factural breadth that allows him to walk between figuration and abstraction (...)
His theme, which has gone from nature to man, stopping in unique aspects of the Creole idiosyncrasy, has managed to find in people and landscape reinforcing aspects of the national identity. At the same time, his work has been distinguished by a search for essences ... In it, matter and spirit act as key elements of an existence that has not yet found its last response. "
Jeannette Miller 

from the book “Fernando Peña Defilló”



General Director and dramaturgy: Marianela Boán
Choreography: Marianela Boán with the collaboration of the dancers.
Music: Wim Mertens, Chucho Valdés
Costumes: Renata Cruz
Lighting: Ruben Lara
Aerial dance advice: Cindy Sosa
Dancers: Daymé del Toro, Patricia Ortega, Mildred Rubirosa, Erick Roque, Hendel Herrera, Jonas Alberto Padilla


The company

The National Contemporary Dance Company of the Ministry of Culture of the Dominican Republic; (CNDC), founded in 2010 by its director Marianela Boán, is a group that is defined in the tension between the new tendencies of world dance and dominance in the broadest sense of the word; the search for a Dominican and universal dance that explores our very specific cultural and social complexity and our contemporaneity.


General Credits CNDC:

General and Artistic Direction: Marianela Boán
Professors Marianela Boán, Daymé del Toro and Stephanie Bauger
Assistant Marianela Boan: Yessica Ortiz