What we are

National Company of Contemporary Dance of the Ministry of Culture of the Dominican Republic; CNDC.
The Contemporary Dance National Company of the Ministry of Culture of the Dominican Republic; CNDC, is a group that is defined in the tension between the new tendencies of the world dance and the dominicanity in the broadest sense of the word; the search for a Dominican and universal dance that explores our very specific cultural and social complexity and our contemporaneity.

In November 2010, the Contemporary Dance Project of the Ministry of Culture was created as ProDanCo, today CNDC, under the direction of Cuban choreographer Marianela Boán. 
In this period of work a professional group has been consolidated, with an stylistic and creative personality of national and international prestige and trained dancers, teachers and choreographers; aimed at sedimenting and multiplying contemporary dance in the Dominican Republic.

This group has opened a new performance opportunity for dancers who had graduated from the National Dance School and had not been able to develop their professional lives due to the absence of a state supported dance group.
It is a repertoire company that combines works by established masters with works by young Dominican talents. It develops a comprehensive program of assemblies, presentations, multinational collaborations and national and international tours. It is a development space for choreographers, teachers, musicians and designers. 

The CNDC has allowed the presence of Dominican contemporary dance in important theatrical circuits and presentation and production networks, participating in several important festivals and theaters of the world.

2012- International Festival of Arts of San José, Theater of La Danza. San José, Costa Rica
2012- Cádiz in Dance Festival, at the Gran Teatro Falla de Cádiz, Spain
2013- DanzaCubaBaila Festival, in Havana, Cuba
2013- International Theater Festival of Manizales, Colombia, Teatro Fundadores.
2014- May Theater Festival in Havana, Cuba. Mella Theater
2014- Ibero-American Theater Festival of Cádiz. Grand Teatro de Falla. Cádiz, Spain.
2014- Dance in the City Festival, Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo, Bogotá, Colombia.
2016- New Dance Festival, Instituto Peruano Norteamericano ICPNA, Lima, Peru.
2016- Artistic Residence at the Western Michigan University Dance Department. USES
2017- Battery Park Dance Festival, NY, USA
2017- International Theater Festival of Havana, Cuba. National Theater of Cuba
2018- International Theater Festival of Alentejo, Portugal FITA
In all these events, as well as in their performances in the Dominican Republic, the public and the critics have always reacted very positively to the choreographic proposals, especially impressing the quality and talent of young Dominican dancers and musicians.